RCWFL 703-7736 kW Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal

High Energy Efficiency COP 7.0

Perfect Load System

LG patented magnetic bearing compressor

Wide cooling capacity range of 703 to 7.736 kW

Compact design


Low noise level compared to its competitors

Flooded evaporator

Balanced work

Optimized Central Control

User Friendly Panel



Variable Diffuser

Provides a wider operating range under low load conditions and prevents failures due to discharge gas for stable operation.


Balanced Working

The perfect partial load system can save costs and maximize energy, even when loads are very light.


Optimized Central Control

Control solutions such as ACP and AC Smart provide easy traceability and remote control to manage various HVAC models anywhere.




• Liquid and oil separator.

• Digital pressure transmitter.

• Standard MODBUS protocol, optional Bacnet TCP / IP.

• Temperature sensor at water input and output.

• Neoprene insulator.

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