TurboPOWER 267-1100 kW Turbocor

Unlimited Regulated Oil Free Turbocor Technology
Axial Fan Air Cooled Water Chillers
Turbocor Compressor
Eco Friendly R134A Refrigerant Gas

High Energy Efficiency up to EER 3.50 & Comfort in All Seasons
Geniş ve Akıllı Seçenekler
Oil Free Compressor Technology
Energy Saving Special Solutions in Commercial Buildings and Residences


• Compressor: High efficiency, oil-free, magnetic bearing Turbocor compressor with internal protection and input/output line shut-off valves.
• Evaporator: Closed cell polyurethane insulated flooded shell & tube evaporator with differential pressure switch and internal Victaulic connections.
• Condenser: Micro-channels condenser.
• Fan: Proportional speed controlled axial fan with internal thermal protection and protection grid. EC motor fans in T and Q versions.
• Control: Microprocessor control.
• Structure: Galvanized and powder polyester paint coated steel structure.


•High and low pressure indicators.
•Electronic expansion valve.
• Double safety valves.
•Clock board.
•Master / slave control of up to parallel connected 4 units.


B - Standard version, noise insulated compressor, cooling only (TCATBZ)
T - High efficient and silent verion, cooling only (TCATTZ)
Q - Super silent version, cooling only (TCATQZ)


• Single or double pump. 1 master and 1 spare aplication in double pump options. Standard / high pressure versions of the pumps are optional.
• Condensation control with high pressure fans.
• Variable Primary Flow (VPF) control.
• I-15 kit: Ability to work down to -15ºC outdoor tempreature (Condensation control) (With EC motor fans).
• Power factor correction capacitor (Cos?> 0.94).
• Compressor circuit break switch.
• Electromechanical flow switch.
• Forced limit of power consumption.
• Forced noise limit.
• Energy parameters measuring device.
• Compressor noise insulation.
• Refrigerant leak detector.
• Refrigerant circuit high and low pressure indicators.
• Battery protection grids.
• Epoxy coated micro-channel condenser.
• Minimum / maximum power supply control.
• igital input for double set point.
• Setpoint shift (4-20 mA analog signal).
• Evaporator heater for frost protection, electrical panel, electric pumps if available.
• Interfaces for serial communication with other devices.

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