TurboPOWER ECO 320-950 kW Turbocor

Unlimited Regulated Oil Free Turbocor Technology
Oil Free Compressor Technology
Axial Fan Air Cooled
Turbocor Compressor

Eco Friendly R134A Refrigerant Gas
Energy Saving Special Solutions in Commercial Buildings and Residences
High Energy Efficiency & Comfort in All Seasons
Wide and Smart Options



• Compressor: High efficiency, oil-free, magnetic bearing Turbocor compressor with integrated protection and input/output line shut-off valves and Eco friendly R1234ZE refrigerant.
• Evaporator: Closed cell polyurethane insulated flooded shell & tube evaporator with differential pressure switch and internal Victaulic connections.
• Condenser: Micro-channels condenser
• Fan: Proportional speed controlled EC motor axial fan with internal thermal protection and protection grid. EC motor fans in T and Q versions.
• Control: Microprocessor control.
• Structure: Galvanized and powder polyester paint coated steel structure.


•High and low pressure indicators.
•Electronic expansion valve.
•Double safety valves.
•Clock board.
•Master / slave control of up to parallel connected 4 units.


T - High efficient and silent version,cooling only (TCATTE)
Q - Super silent version, cooling only (TCATQE)


• Single or double pump. 1 master and 1 spare aplication in double pump options. Standard / high pressure versions of the pumps are optional.
• ondensation control with high pressure fans.
• Variable Primary Flow (VPF) control.
• Power factor correction capacitor (Cos?> 0.94).
• Compressor circuit break switch.
• Electromechanical flow switch.
• Forced limit of power consumption.
• Forced noise limit.
• Energy parameters measuring device.
• Compressor noise insulation.
• Refrigerant leak detector.
• Refrigerant circuit high and low pressure indicators.
• Battery protection grids.
• Epoxy coated micro-channel condenser.
• Minimum / maximum power supply control.
• igital input for double set point.
• Setpoint shift (4-20 mA analog signal).
• Evaporator heater, electrical panel and electrical pumps,if available, for frost protection.
• Interfaces for serial communication with other devices.
• Vibration receivers.

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