VERSO S 1300 F Package Heat Recovery

Comfortable air conditioning all year round

Compact Design

High energy saving

Easy setup

Internal Intelligent Automation


Ultra or Super Premium efficient EC fans

Integrated water battery

Additional dx battery

Low Operating Cost





Structure and Panel: Self Supporting Frame and Double Wall Panels
Sheet Material: Galvanized steel
Panel Thickness: 50 mm 
Heat and Sound Insulation: Rock Wool
Heating / Cooling Coil: Copper Tube Aluminum Fin
Fan : EC Motor Fan
Heat Recovery: Rotary Heat Recovery
User Panel: C5.1 Programmable Touch-Screen Display
Automation Panel: Built-in Power and Electricity Regulation Panel
Monitoring - Management: with BMS Management





Maximum Air Flow, m³/h:  1300 

Unit weight, kg: 46

Unit dimensions DxHxU, mm: 700x350x893 

Filter dimensionsDxHxU,, mm:  558x287x46

Supply Voltage, HE/9, V: 400

Supply Voltage, HE/15, V: 400

Supply Voltage, HW, V: 230

Electric Heater Capacity, HE/9, kW: 9

Electric Heater Capacity, HE/15, kW: 15

Maximum operating current, HE-9, A: 15.7

Maximum operating current, HE-15, A: 24.4

Maximum operating current, HW, A: 3.0

Maintenance clearance, mm: 1000

Sound Level, dB(A): 36




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